“I am sure you have heard of Steam-Punk or Cyber-Punk? My genre is Gnostic-Punk.”   –Jon Towers 

7/22/2014 Dividing The Deluge, The Incomplete Annotations of Book Two of the New Apocrypha, The Nonstandard Assembly. The Kin Of The Cup Now available! Jon produced an audio version with exclusive content! 

7/21/2014 New Red Horse Radio Episode 156!  Featuring the funny girls from Girls Poop Rainbows!

7/19/2014 The Stigmata Studios newsletter #1 is out! Jon did an audio version with exclusive content! 

7/7/2014 New Red Horse Radio this week Mr. Pink from TBA sits in and talks about The Facebook Mood control experiment!  

7/5/2014 Jon was on TBA with Mr. Pink this week and went off the rails a little talking about self realization, saying yes, and peoples ego being their worst enemy. 

7/4/2014 The Stigmata Studios Instagram launches today! Find us: stigmatastudios 


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