Stigmata Studios is an indie comic studio that has been producing indie comics featuring the heroic Nonstandard Assembly and its quirky members for over  ten years. We produce graphic novels, comic book magazines and FREE web comics! Our stories feature history, the occult, politics, myth, whiskey and violence with an edgy point of view.



1/25/2015: Red Horse Radio 170: Talks with a verteran of the geeks wars! Comic con talk and announcement of new project.

1/20/2015:Stigmata Studios launched an official twitter account!

1/18/2015: Red Horse Radio 169: Tony Rowsick in studio to talk about Prog-Watch, Novus and Prog-Rock. 

1/17/2015: Announcement made that The Scorpion Strikes! will be released in February. The Scorpion Strikes! is a prequel to The Djinn Jihad and center on how Constituent Zero discovers the terrorist plot in the first chapter of the Graphic Novel. It also goes with the Day Of The Scorpion another companion piece that is being given away for free when you subscribe to the Stigmata Studios News Letter

1/11/2015: Red Horse Radio Episode 168 Maddie Holiday Von Stark calls in to talk about art, weirdo corporate logos and writing! 

1/4/2015: Red Horse Radio Episode 167 Jessica McHugh calls in to talk about writing and tits.



The Djinn Jihad is now available!

SGL Entertainment and Stigmata Studios Jezebeth is now available! 

The Nonstandard Assembly, Kin of the Cup TPB


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