Stigmata Studios is an indie comic studio that has been producing indie comics featuring the heroic Nonstandard Assembly and its quirky members for over  ten years. We produce graphic novels, comic book magazines and FREE web comics! Our stories feature history, the occult, politics, myth, whiskey and violence with an edgy point of view.



6/15/2015 New The Ages: Gemini page! The Serpent tells the secret origins of Adam and Eve! 

6/15/2015 Red Horse Radio! Ashley Herrera and Jose Herrera are in studio talking SCA, Judo, meade and she gives a ramblin' synopsis of The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. 

6/13/2015 This weeks Stigmataverse blog post is about Saturn and the Ancient Sky! 

6/12/2015 Jon is doing a art for The Wicked Library episode 603. The story is called Stuck by Catlin Marceau

6/10/2015 Jon did an illustration for Leza Cantoral's upcoming book Voodoo Mermaid! It was recent featured in some promo material for Booktrope's new imprint Forsaken! And featured on Dread Central

6/5/2015 Jon Designed a T Shirt for alt rock band Wings For Armor! Check it out! 

6/7/2015 New page of THE AGES: Gemini! The Serpent starts a history lesson!

6/7/2015 New blog post on The Drunken Serpent in the Garden of Eden. 

6/7/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Wings for Armor is in studio talking process, inspiration and technology! 

6/1/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Writers and podcasters Dan Foytik and Nelson Pyles and artist Steve Matiko come on the show to talk Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ouija Boards and Brains!

6/1/2015 Brand new blog post all about the Precession of the Astrological Ages. Which ties into current web comic THE AGES: Gemini.

6/1/2015 New Page of THE AGES: Gemini! The Serpent preaches about the material world and Ialdabaoth The Demiurge.



The Test of the Scorpion

The Scorpion Strikes!

The Djinn Jihad


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